They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most of the time it’s true…unless the thing you’re beholding is a bathroom with mirrored wallpaper, orange Formica countertops and bright green linoleum.

Some bathrooms are just ugly and in desperate need of an update. This is especially true if you want to sell your home in the coming months.

Today’s Nashville homebuyer expects a certain level of design and sophistication, especially in a space as important as the bathroom.  Even if you aren’t selling, having an attractive, functional and efficient bathroom is an important part of enjoying your home.

Stratton Exteriors is one of the leaders in bathroom remodeling services in Music City, and we’ve transformed several bathrooms into beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the homeowners’ tastes and needs.

How does Stratton Exteriors offer exceptional bathroom renovations, you ask?

Stratton Exteriors Is More Than Contractors…We’re Designers


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Our founder, Shane Stratton, has a background (and a degree) in interior design, so he approaches each bathroom renovation with a unique attention to detail.

Stratton Exteriors’ home renovation projects are more than raw materials and a timeline. They combine form, function, efficiency and aesthetics, with total regard for client needs and ideas.

We work to deliver on your renovation vision—while also making your bathroom space safer, more versatile and more efficient…so you can reap benefits beyond just having an attractive room in your home.

Plus, we offer design-related extras, like color consultations and expert design advice, to help you create the perfect space for your home and needs.

We Are Experts in the Best Bathroom Products, Materials and Styles

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You don’t become one of the top home renovation companies in Nashville without doing your homework.

We can make recommendations for the best products for your budget and tastes, and help you find the fixtures that will perform according to your needs.

When you hire us to do a bathroom renovation, you’ll have an expert helping you choose the very best for your bathroom, every step of the way.

We Listen To You

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Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

Stratton puts our customers first…and that means being available, being responsive and helping you express your vision for your new bathroom.

So if you want a partner in design and creation for your bathroom remodel, Stratton Exteriors is the company for you.

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