When some friends of ours who live in Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood approached us this past spring about doing some interior renovations, we were happy to help. The task at hand: De-awkward-ifying the awkward layout of their two bedroom/one bath home. What they were working with was one big, long room that they didn’t know what to do with—in part because one half of the room had hardwood flooring and the other half didn’t. After reviewing the options, we recommended dividing the room in two, thereby adding an extra bedroom to the house.

You can see the new bedroom in this before and after photo. (We also added a closet to this room, which you can’t see in the after photo):

Nashville interior renovation

The other half of that one big room became a separate office, which you can see in this before and after photo:

Nashville, TN home renovation

In the office we laid hardwood floors to match the existing hardwoods in the new bedroom we created. And both rooms were painted and had new baseboards and quarter round installed. We also added pocket doors. Not long after these renovations were complete, the homeowners decided to sell their house. Lo and behold, those renovations they’d taken on just prior to putting their home on the market had gone a long way to increase its value. And within three days, they had a great offer on their house.

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