Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 7.18.27 PMIf there’s one particular trait those of us from Nashville, TN share it’s pride. We like to get our hands dirty, put in an honest day’s work and handle our own projects like the professional amateurs we are. Yet, there are just some jobs that are better left to real professionals. One such task is installing a new fence. Nashville native or not, unless you have experience with fences, it may be a wiser choice to have a pro take care of this job for you. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into installing a new fence and whether it’s better to DIY or hire a Nashville fence professional.

The planning part. You probably have this picture in your mind about how amazing your new fence is going to look around your yard. Translating what you envision into reality is a whole different story. A lot of planning goes into installing a new fence, including measuring, drawing up a diagram and taking into account all the little things, like gate placement.

Deciding what type. Fences come in many shapes, styles and materials. Different fences are better for different purposes, and unless you’re an expert, may just end up with the wrong fence for your needs. A Nashville fence professional can provide advice on what materials, style and size would be the right fit.

The size of the project. If you’re only putting up a fence around a small area in your yard, like a garden or pool area, you may be fine tackling the project yourself. Larger jobs, however, require a lot more work and manpower and are typically better handled by a professional with the right equipment and a crew of workers.

Number of people. Although DIY implies handling a job all on your own, putting up a fence usually requires at least 2 people (more, depending on the size and scope of the project). If you’re planning on handling your fence installation without the help of a pro, make sure you have enough helpers to get the job done (and don’t be surprised if your closest friends suddenly stop returning your calls).

Skills/ability. Putting up a new fence is hard, manual work. You have to have the ability to dig and handle heavy materials. You should also have decent carpentry skills. If none of these things describes you (be honest), then you’re probably better off enlisting the help of a professional.

Equipment. Installing a fence involves digging holes for the posts, mixing concrete, moving materials and a bunch of other tasks, most of which require the use of tools and equipment that the average home owner probably doesn’t have laying around in their garage. If you decide to put up your own fence, you’ll need to locate and rent this equipment to do the job right.

The time it takes. Most DIY fence installers quickly learn that it takes a lot more time to put up a fence than they originally thought. This is especially true for larger projects or those for which you don’t have many people helping you. Professional Nashville fence installers have entire crews to work on each job, as well as equipment and experience, so they’re able to get the job done in a fraction of the time.

So, while installing your own fence is certainly an option – and one that works for some people – once you take all of these things into consideration, it may make more sense to just leave it in the hands of a professional. He or she can work with you to design the perfect exterior design and provide you with the fence you’ve always dreamed of.