Money in handWinter is upon us. That time of year in Nashville where we crank the heat up and shut our windows tight until spring comes around again. Unfortunately, this is also around the time you find out that your old windows don’t shut quite as tight as you’d prefer and it’s costing you to keep your home toasty. Researching window replacement can be a daunting task, especially if your home has older wooden windows. Here are a few reasons how vinyl, in lieu of wooden windows, can save you money:

  1. Energy Savings: One of the biggest differences in vinyl versus wooden windows is energy efficiency. Wood can change drastically over time. Between weather, insect damage, and warping, wood loses much of its efficiency in the winter and summer months resulting in hefty energy bills. Vinyl replacement windows, on the other hand, prevent heating and cooling transfer. Insulated frames and double paned windows are only the beginning of the energy saving options you will have. And don’t forget the possible tax incentives.
  1. Home Value:For Sale House Means Real Estate On Market Although it may be a large cost up front, vinyl window replacement is an effective investment in increasing the value of your home. According to houselogic.com, the return on investment for vinyl replacement windows can be over 75%. Not too shabby, especially if you’re looking to eventually sell your home in the future.
  1. Lower Maintenance: WindowsVinyl comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to ensure your home feels and looks its best. And since vinyl windows never need to be painted, you won’t have to worry about getting outside to scrape and paint or paying someone else to do it.

Given we have a good three more months of colder temperatures ahead of us, it’s important that we don’t throw our hard-earned money out our poorly insulated windows. If you think it’s time to replace your old windows with energy efficient vinyl ones, give us a call to come asses the situation. A little bit of spending up front can save you a lot of spending in the coming years.