If you live in a historic Nashville neighborhood, you’re probably pretty committed to restoring your historical building to its original glory. We applaud your decision, as there are plenty of great reasons to restore your historic Nashville home. Finding the perfect vintage fixtures and period hardware can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. Lucky for you we have the expertise and the connections to help you find what you need for your Nashville historic home restoration.

Some of our favorite architectural salvage joints and secondhand stores can be found right here in Music City, at wonderfully funky brick and mortar stores, salvage yards, and warehouses.

Preservation Station

There’s a reason why Preservation Station tops our list. It’s absolutely amazing. While it can be difficult to find bargains at this beautifully curated shop, you’re sure to find the perfect hinge, correct door, ideal light fixture, classic mantle, or the quintessential chandelier for your home. If you’re looking for something specific and wonderful, they’ll likely have it.

While they have a remarkable website, nothing beats spending the afternoon wandering around the charmingly lit store near Reservoir Park on 8th Avenue South. If you’re in the middle of a historic renovation, we recommend making a trip each week as the inventory changes regularly and you’ll never know when the perfect newel post or stained glass transom will announce itself.

Pre to Post Modern

Working on a mid-century modern restoration and renovation? No problem. Located in Berry Hill, just a stone’s throw from Preservation Station, you’ll find the delightfully quirky Pre to Post Modern. The little shop has some of the best vintage in town at prices you’d expect to see at the Nashville Flea Market. If you’re looking for attitude, you won’t find it here. The staff is happy to help, willing to nose around with you, and delighted to make recommendations.


Although decidedly less juried a selection than Preservation Station, ReStore is a terrific option for homeowners on a budget. Located on Harding Place, just south of the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, Nashville’s outpost of Habitat for Humanity’s resale shop is packed with bargains. As an added bonus, proceeds go to helping qualified families become homeowners themselves.

Hailey Salvage and Building Material

We hate to let the secret out, but Hailey Salvage and Building Material is a virtual treasure trove of fixtures. Bring some gloves and get ready to do some digging. One Yelp! reviewer had this to say about her experience on the lot “Hailey’s is a true ‘salvage’ place. There are many other places in Nashville with salvage in the name, but it’s not real salvage or any cheaper than anywhere else. At Hailey’s you can find building materials that have obviously been salvaged from demolitions and renovations. This would be the perfect place to go if you’re renovating an older home and you want to replace or re-introduce vintage fixtures…Hailey’s doesn’t have prices on anything, but it works this way: look around, find something you like, and then ask how much they want for it. I would make this a first stop if you’re renovating before you buy an expensive reproduction.”

Southeastern Salvage

Located in Berry Hill, just off of Nolensville Pike, you’ll never know what you’ll find at Southeastern Salvage. So go ahead, make a day of it! Start with Hailey’s, make a stop at Southeastern and then finish your treasure hunt at the Nashville Flea Market.

Nashville Flea Market

If you haven’t hit the Nashville Flea Market at the Fairgrounds Nashville, you really, really need to. Founded in 1969, the flea market has provided homeowners a place to find incredibly unique furnishings, fixtures, antiques, and knick-knacks. The selection is virtually endless and turns over frequently, so make this a regular haunt!

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