Things are starting to heat up here in Nashville, and with that comes the dreaded humidity of a Southern summer. Humidity not only creates a sauna-like effect but warm, moist air is the ideal environment for mold to thrive in. The effects of mold can range from harmless to very dangerous but for the mold you may discover growing on your roof, it’s more of an eyesore than anything else. Roof MoldLuckily, roof mold is fairly easy to remove and the following methods may also help keep further mold growth at bay. Here’s the best way to easily clean mold off of your roof:

You will need a 50/50 mix of Bleachwater and bleach and a garden spray pump. Avoid using a pressure washer for this as is its strong spray can remove the grit from your shingles. Before you begin, you’ll want to cover or rinse any landscaping underneath the eves of the roof with fresh water as the chlorine in the bleach can be damaging to plant life.

Using a broom or short bristled brush, remove any mold that can be easily scraped off. Then, spray the affected area down with clean water. Follow up with a spray of the diluted bleach solution. This should immediately begin killing any existing mold and hinder any future growth. Wait 15 minutes and then rinse the roof again with clean water.

In an effort to prevent the reoccurrence of mold or algae, you may want to consider installing zinc or copper strips – both metals are deadly to mold – underneath the row of shingles closest to the peak of the roof. When it rains, molecules from the strips wash down the roof coating it and deterring new growth.

La Porte, TX, September 26, 2008 -- A sub-contractor works on installing a roof repair after Hurricane Ike. The Federal Emergency Management Agency Agency (FEMA) working with the Corps of Engineers provides sturdy temporary roofing repairs for home owners after Hurricane Ike. Leif Skoogfors/FEMA

Although removing and cleaning mold from your roof may not require any fancy equipment, it can be an arduous task. Your safety is our priority so be aware before you get on a ladder that our certified professionals have the necessary experience to ensure the removal of mold from your roof is done correctly and efficiently. Please Contact Stratton Exteriors for assistance or with any questions you may have regarding your roof.