If you’re looking for a high-impact and impressive facelift for your home, look no further than a fresh coat of exterior paint. Nashville’s neighborhoods are lined with beautifully painted, classic American Craftsman and Foursquare homes, efficient bungalows, cozy cottages, Antebellum mansions, and sleek contemporary new construction. Whether you’re looking to sell in a seller’s market, or simply want to enjoy a new look, a fresh coat of paint may be all it takes.

How Often do I Need to Paint my House?

While it probably seems like only yesterday that you last painted your wood, aluminum, or cement fiberboard siding or hired painting contractors to do it for you, it’s probably been a few years. Like it or not, homeowners should be prepared to repaint their wood-sided homes every three to seven years. Cement fiberboard siding, found on many new homes, will likely need repainting in 10-15 years.

I’m not Selling Anytime Soon. Why Do I Have to Paint My Home so Often?

Because it’s good for your home. And what’s good for your home is good for you. Whatever you do, don’t try to save a few dollars by postponing your exterior paint job. Paint is to your home as that OtterBox is to your iPhone: it keeps the good stuff underneath safe and sound. Just keep reminding yourself that prolonged exposure to the elements will cost you much, much more in the long run.

What Affects Exterior Paint Durability?

If, like many homeowners, you feel like you’re on the three year edge of the three to seven year paint cycle, you may be crying, “No fair!” Here are a few things to bear in mind before you apply that next coat of paint:

  • You get what you pay for. Use only the best, highest quality exterior paint on the market. If you’ve hired a house painter, ask them about the products they use.
  • Prep your painting surfaces well and repair pest damage and treat mold immediately. Replace any rotten wood,repair cracks, and seal holes to keep water out. Finally, power wash your entire home, so the paint sticks to the wood, not the grime.
  • Allow wooden surfaces to dry completely after power washing (or rains) and wait for temperatures to hit the sweet spot, between 50-90 degrees, for optimal paint drying and curing.
  • One coat isn’t going to do the trick. Apply up to three coats for smooth, complete, and even coverage.
  • Lighter paint shades tend to last longer.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed, Nashville’s summers tend to heat up. Which, sorry to say, is tough on exterior painted surfaces.
  • On the years when you can take a break from painting, carefully inspect your home. Look for dampness, rot, chalkiness, infestation, and mold. Treat any problems promptly!

What Color Should I Paint My House?

This, dear friends, is a tough one. We understand that personal preferences are, by definition, subjective, so we’ll leave you with a few things to consider while making your decision:

  • Consider your home’s architectural style, era, and location and then select colors that complement it. If you’re stuck, check out the preselected color palettes that high-quality paint brands offer. If you’re looking for something really out-of-the-ordinary, try working with an architect or professional color consultant.
  • Is your house on the frontlines or more of a wallflower? That is, if your home sits back from the street and appears lost in the landscaping, you may want to consider a brighter color to make it pop. On the other hand, if your garden is your focus, darker colors can mute your home’s impact on its surroundings.
  • Choose three (or more) different paint shades. Think in terms of primary paint color, accent color, and trim color. If you’re bold, consider a fourth color for your doors.
  • Don’t fall for chips! It’s tempting to tape a dozen chips to the side of your house, close your eyes and point, but that way lies madness. Instead, buy a few quarts of paint and paint a section that’s large enough to give you a good sense of what the colors look like in place. Then, wait a day or two before making your final decision.

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