Think summertime is too hot and humid for the home renovations you’ve been dreaming of? You might be surprised to learn that the hottest season of the year is the perfect time to spruce up certain parts of your home.

Stratton Exteriors has been hard at work this summer on a range of home renovation projects. Check out some of our favorite summer renovation projects–and see if this summer is the time to invest in the home renovation you’ve been planning.

Summer Home Renovation #1: Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

A home’s windows have a huge impact on its energy efficiency.

In fact, windows are among the top culprits for energy loss in a home. Old windows, for instance, can account for at least 10% of the heat loss during the winter. They’re also responsible for a huge amount of cool air loss during summer.

This energy loss can be even higher if your windows are old and haven’t been maintained.

Summer is a great time to replace your windows. This is especially true if you’re worried about high energy bills during the dog days of July and August. Energy STAR, Low-E replacement windows can lower your home’s energy bills. They can also reduce the amount of energy you consume each month.

Stratton Exteriors provides replacement windows and installation to Nashville clients throughout the year.

Summer Home Renovation #2: Replacement Doors

Replacement Door

Another place your home loses energy? Old, badly-sealed doors.

A new replacement door can improve energy efficiency and transform your home’s exterior with a jolt of curb appeal. Stratton Exteriors can help you choose a replacement door that will last for years and perfectly complement your home’s look.

Summer Home Renovation #3: Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation

Summer is the perfect time to get your kitchen renovated. The warmer weather will make it easier for you and your family to move cooking and eating to another area of the house. If you want to prevent the rest of your home’s interior from being disheveled in the kitchen renovations, for instance, you can move all your cooking to an impromptu outdoor kitchen.

Simply move your fridge to a convenient area of the house. Then, set up a food prep area near your outdoor grill. The warm weather will make outdoor dining a breeze.

Home Renovations with Stratton Exteriors

If you’re ready to dive into a summer home renovation in Nashville, Stratton Exteriors can help you turn your plans into reality.

Contact us today to learn more about home renovations to transform your house this summer.