Your front door is often the first thing visitors to your home see. It’s also the last thing they see when they leave. So it goes without saying that your front door is kind of important, right? Even if you take away the aesthetic value, your front door also keeps the elements out and the temperature-controlled air from your HVAC system in.

A front door upgrade can add instant curb appeal to your home. It can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and help with energy costs. Stratton Exteriors loves helping our clients clean up their home’s look and function with replacement doors. With our eye for design and aesthetics, we can help you choose the front door that complements your home’s style while providing an extra dose of visual flair.

Check out some of our favorite replacement door projects from the past!

Form and Function

For this client’s home renovation, we added a brand new front door that had a whimsical, eye-catching vibe. This replacement door has a mid-century modern look, with panel windows and a light-colored wood frame for clean aesthetic appeal. It’s amazing how much the simple addition of a new replacement door can transform a home’s overall appearance.

Utilitarian Charm

Replacement Door

This front door combines a mid-century modern look with tough, functional hardware and materials. Made from an exotic and beautiful South American wood called Ipe, this replacement door is naturally resistant to warping, rotting and insects. The custom hardware and surrounding stone work made this home’s entryway a true stunner.

Classic Lines, Modern Features

Replacement Door


Our client wanted to give their home a facelift, and together we chose designs that elegantly updated and improved the appearance. New siding and windows, plus a stunning replacement door, were just a few of the renovations Stratton Exteriors provided. The double front door features six-pane windows on each side, with stunning black hardware. The richness of the wood makes this entryway both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. It also perfectly complements the home’s style.

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