So you just moved into a new house in Nashville, and you’re in love. It’s on a great lot, you have awesome neighbors, and you finally have the space and amenities you’ve always wanted. You’re obsessed with the built-in bookcases and the front porch. You love the backyard patio. 

But you absolutely, positively hate the kitchen. 

The kitchen is a unique space. Each homeowner wants something different, with different design, aesthetic features and functionality. If your kitchen has floral wallpaper, linoleum, and cabinetry from the 1970s, you might not loving spending time there. What’s more, you might be embarrassed to entertain friends and family.

Stratton Exteriors is one of Nashville’s leading home renovation contractors. And we specialize in updating kitchens for looks and efficiency. Here’s what we can do to transform your Nashville kitchen into a space that has the features you want and the look you need.

Upgrade (and Update) Your Cabinets

Dark Wood Cabinetry Kitchen Renovation

After working in home renovations for over 10 years, the team at Stratton Exteriors has seen it all–including how kitchen cabinets can completely transform the look and function of your kitchen.

For homeowners who are more interested in elements like granite countertops or a high-tech refrigerator, cabinets can be overlooked. But think about how important they are! They frame your kitchen, adding color and depth to the space. They also need to be durable. You’ll open and close your kitchen cabinets thousands of times while you live in your home. Cabinets that are poorly installed or made of low-quality materials will not stand up to the inevitable wear and tear.

We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing cabinetry that will last–and not settling for lower-quality materials just because they’re cheaper. If you really want to transform your kitchen, high-quality cabinets in contemporary materials are the perfect upgrade.

Switch Up Your Lighting


Stratton Exteriors Kitchen Lighting Chandelier

Stratton Exteriors Lighting

The question of how to light a kitchen can seem daunting–especially if you don’t have a ton of natural light via windows. Kitchens are so much more than just a food prep area. They’re often the heart of the home during gatherings and entertaining. For homes with open floor plans, the kitchen feeds into all of the major areas of the home–and so does its lighting. As experts in kitchen lighting, we will help you choose the recessed lighting, strip lighting or hanging lighting that will bring your kitchen to life.

Stratton Exteriors values design as well as functionality when it comes to kitchen lighting; we’ll help you choose your fixtures and decide where in your kitchen they will be most dazzling.

When In Doubt, Consider Adding Color

Kitchen With Blue Counters and Wood Beams

If your kitchen is neutral, boring or otherwise uninspired, adding a hint of color can create dimension and brightness.

Whether you add a colored accent wall, a vibrant backsplash or opt to have your cabinets painted, color can completely transform your kitchen.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to provide a full range of kitchen renovation services in Nashville.

We can transform your kitchen into a space you love, with the features you need. Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen renovations.