Here in Nashville, we have many options to look at when it comes to purchasing a new home. They say it’s all about location, but once you’ve found the perfect spot it’s time to decide if you want to start from scratch and build your dream house, or work with what you have. Many are choosing to maintain the character of an older home while making updates to better it’s efficiency.

Many older homes often have old and worn windows to match. Replacing these windows is often one of the first projects to undertake as they can often change the entire look of a home while simultaneously allowing for significant energy savings. With an abundance of material options, selecting the best replacement windows for your home can be a daunting task. Here is a guide to the different types of replacement window materials and glazing options.Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.52.24 PM

Window Framing Options:

Wood – Typically the most expensive of the bunch, wood frame windows are also considered the best looking by both homeowners and contractors. Wooden frames are efficient however their downside is maintenance. They will need to be painted or stained periodically to look their best.

Vinyl/Aluminum – the most affordable material of the bunch, these frames are extremely energy efficient and require very little maintenance. Look for joints that are welded together rather than joined with screws to ensure optimal efficiency.

Fiberglass – The most technologically advanced option for window frames also comes at a cost somewhere between wood and vinyl frame options. Fiberglass offers a strong and relatively maintenance free option

You should never chose your replacement window option based on material alone. Talk to a window professional to ensure that you chose the best option for you and your needs.
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Window Glazing Options:

Single Glaze – Up until very recently, most windows held only a single pane of glass. Single glazed windows are extremely inefficient when it comes to energy savings and research has shown that double glazed windows can reduce the annual energy costs of a home by almost half.

Double Glaze – Two pane windows offer their energy savings thanks to low e-coatings and the gases in between panes that serve as effective insulation. Be sure to shop for windows that boast an Energy Star label to ensure the most energy efficient option.

As you can see, you have many options for your home’s new replacement windows. Be sure to talk to a your Nashville Window Professional if you have any questions as to what will be the best choice for your home. When it comes to windows, one option isn’t always a clear choice!