Are you considering a kitchen remodel in the next few years? Are you wondering which countertops are durable, beautiful and efficient?

You’ve probably heard granite recommended as a top choice for kitchen counters, and we would have to agree. In fact, Stratton Exteriors has recommended granite to our clients over and over again. But is it the right countertop material for your kitchen?

Today, we’re looking at the many pros of choosing granite countertops for your kitchen remodel.

Pro #1: Granite Countertops Look Amazing

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For homeowners who care about design and aesthetics, granite countertops offer endless possibilities.

Because granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock, no two stones are identical. This means your granite kitchen counters will be completely unique. The veining and patterns in the stone will change throughout your countertop layout, creating a distinguished look. Additionally, there are numerous colors. Granite comes in a huge number of earth tones, deep blacks, grays, silvers, and even blue tones.

The incredible variety of appearance–plus the glossy resin finish–make granite a top choice for design-conscious homeowners.

Pro #2: Granite Countertops Are Ultra-Durable

Granite Countertops

Maybe looks aren’t your main concern in choosing countertops for your kitchen. Maybe performance and durability are what you’re after. We’ve got good news: granite is one of the most durable materials for countertops.

Granite is an igneous rock composed of hard minerals like quartz, feldspar and mica. It’s rated anywhere from 6 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which rates softer materials like talc (rated 1), a fingernail (rated 2.5) or a copper penny (rated 3.5) against harder materials like corundum (rated 8) or diamond (a 10).

Granite is among the harder natural stones, so the majority of knife blades, steel utensils or glass items won’t nick, scratch or dent it. It’s also not vulnerable to temperature. You can place hot pots or pans on granite countertops without worry. Finally, granite is resistant to staining. As long as you regularly seal your countertops, you shouldn’t have issues with discoloration due to spills.

Pro #3: Granite Countertops Have A Long Lifespan

Granite Countertops

Unlike materials such as butcher-block, concrete, Formica or laminate, granite is exceptionally long-lasting.

Granite can last 100 years or longer if it’s cared for and regularly sealed. For homeowners who want low maintenance, durable, attractive kitchen countertops, granite will always be a top choice.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to help Nashville homeowners find the best kitchen countertops for their needs and budget. If you’re interested in granite, it’s important to have an experienced contractor to advise you on colors, edging, seams and maintenance. We can guide you through each step of the process.

Are you ready to explore granite countertops? Contact Stratton Exteriors for a consultation.