We’ve been building a lot of garages these days. Lots of you store several of your belongings in your garage, so we thought we’d share some ways to organize your garage in the best way possible. Garage organization is not expensive and fairly easy to accomplish, too.

  1. Tool Storage: Many of you store garden tools in your garage, right? We think the best way to store these is to use a shovel rack. You can get one off of Amazon for $60!
  2. Shelving: We like using those tall metal racks with shelves to store plastic bins and boxes. They don’t take up much room and can hold a lot of items, big and small. Whether you need to keep bins of your winter or summer clothes or perhaps your Christmas decorations that have nowhere to be stored inside your home, you’ll be sure to find a place for them on one of these shelves. You can get these units at your local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes.
  3. Ceiling Storage: What better way to get things out of your sight than hanging them on the ceiling? Storing items in bins on your ceiling saves floor space and you can even do it yourself! All you need is a tracking system and a few plastic bins. Family Handyman shows us how to make this storage system.
  4. Hanging Small Tools: Using a pegboard to hang smaller tools such as wrenches, hammers, and other miscellaneous tools is a great way to store these items, and you can always find them when you need them! It is fairly easy to install a pegboard to the wall in your garage. Find out how!

Do you have any other tips on garage storage? We’d love to know your best tips and tricks. Been thinking about adding on a garage to your home? Give us a shout!