Utilizing your home’s garage space for your vehicles is a no brainer. Using it as a dumping ground for everything from sporting equipment to lawn care tools is something that seems to inevitably happen over time. Keeping your garage organized can be a difficult task – given its disconnect from your home’s actual living space – but not an impossible one. Keep these following tips in mind while organizing your home’s garage:

Designate Space: Does your garage have a workshop in it? Do you own a lot of sporting equipment? What about your collection of gardening equipment? Setting aside designated areas for these items will keep your space in order and help you to avoid having to spend hours searching for things.

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Work Upwards: Given your garage’s limited amount of floor space once the cars are parked, working up the wall will optimize the most storage space. Utilize shelving units, baskets, hangers and hooks to place loose items and keep things organized.

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Ceiling Storage: Taking advantage of all the space above the garage may require some work but suspended shelving units offer maximum storage space, especially for those items that you may not use often such as holiday decorations or camping equipment.

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Designer Touches: Just because it’s a garage doesn’t mean it has to look like one. Add a splash of paint to a wall or storage units – chalkboard paint offers the ability to label drawers and cupboards in a unique way. Install light fixtures that look a bit better than your garage door opener’s factory lighting and consider laying down some heavy duty floor tile for a different look.

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Add a Mudroom: Moving your home’s mudroom to the garage, or creating a space for a mudroom you don’t currently have provides a less formal entryway to remove and store outerwear and, of course, muddy footwear.

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Although a garage isn’t the most glamourous part of a home, it’s certainly one of the better areas to utilize storage space. If you are looking to revamp your garage or have any questions regarding storage installation, please give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be happy to help assist you with whatever questions you may have and guide you to a more organized garage.