The walls of our home are what protect us from the elements. What protects those walls from the pounding rain, snow, wind, and the sun’s UV rays can deliver though? That’s right— siding!

There are a plethora of siding options available on today’s market and the type you choose can dramatically change the aesthetic of your home. Here are a few different siding options our Nashville home improvement experts at Stratton Exteriors prefer to use and what we see as the benefits to each type.



Made of a polyurethane resin, vinyl siding is one of the most versatile and cost-effective siding options you can choose. It’s a great material not only because of the multitude of colors and patterns that are readily available, but also because it’s so easy to maintain.

Here’s a look at a job we completed utilizing vinyl siding.










With proper maintenance, wood siding can create a brilliant and durable exterior to your home that will last for years to come. There are several different types of wood siding to choose from, including clapboard and red cedar shingling. Clapboard, or what many refer to as “lap siding”, is a wooden slat that is hung horizontally along the exterior walls of the home. Shingles are hung in a layered fashion.

As you can see, the cedar shingles on this home add a dramatic accent.











Hardie Board

You may think Hardie Board is named for it’s rugged and durable nature. While this material is extremely robust (it’s made with cement fibers), it’s actually named for its inventor, James Hardie.

Over the years, Hardie Board has gained notoriety for its ability to weather the elements while still maintaining an elegant look. These factors are why Hardie Board is one of the most commonly used siding options in the United States. It’s cost-effectiveness, availability, and simple installation also makes this particular material a top choice for siding on any home or structure.

Here’s a Nashville home improvement project we completed using this incredible product.









Stone and Brick

Stone and brick are two of the sturdiest siding options you can choose. Once installed, either should last the entire lifespan of your home. Most stone or brick siding is a veneer that is attached to the outside of the wooden frame of the home.

It’s important to remember that water can penetrate both brick and stone exteriors, so there should always be a hydro repellant membrane placed between the structure and the veneer.

Take a look at a great example of stonework we completed on a home in Middle Tennessee. The granite really gives the residence an elegant and stately look.











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