Stratton Exteriors is one of Nashville’s leading general contractors for new home construction. Our design expertise, combined with our extensive knowledge of craftmanship, allows us to create showstopping homes for Nashville residents.

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New Construction Nashville: Stratton Exteriors’ Design-Forward Kitchens

kitchen Remodel

In a recent new construction project in East Nashville, we combined craftsmanship and classic design touches to create a kitchen we think truly stands out. From the tile backsplash and wood floors to the marble counter tops, this kitchen has just enough modern elements to make it visually striking and unique.

As with all of our projects, we planned the layout and features of this kitchen for optimal efficiency and performance. The cabinets are sturdy and durable, ready to stand up to years of wear and tear. The hardware on each drawer and cabinet door is aesthetically pleasing and made to last. Stratton Exteriors places the utmost value on winning our clients’ trust by doing work that speaks for itself.

Stratton Exteriors’ Interior Design Touches

Interior Space Living Room

Whenever we take on a new construction project, we consider each square inch of the structure–and how each room should meld into the next.

This new construction home in East Nashvile has an open floorplan with the kitchen feeding seamlessly into the living area. The banisters and railing on the staircase and upstairs balcony have a unique hatching pattern that gives the whole room dimension. And the crisp white walls, ceiling and railings put light in every corner of the structure.

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