How you choose to paint your home’s exterior is critical. It’s an investment that will not only maintain integrity but boosts your curb appeal. It will extend the life of your home and be the first thing people see when they arrive. Potential buyers will make a lot of decisions about whether or not they like the house just from the exterior alone. That being said, the colors you choose are an essential component. There is a myriad of options available making it difficult to settle on what is best for you and your home.

With years of experience helping homeowners improve the interior and exterior of their homes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best color schemes that will enhance your house’s beauty.

The Classic

Homes that carry a traditional shape and structure would look best with a traditional color palette. Think along the lines of soft beiges and whites. Keep the trimmings along the front porch, railings, around the windows in complementary neutral colors. If you would like to add some color to the facade, try bringing them in through the use of fixtures. Your lamps, door, or outdoor furniture can comprise of unique but rustic colors to liven things up. It’s also possible to utilize your patio to add some texture and more neutral colors similar to what is displayed below.









Stained Wood

Improving the exterior of your home with a paint job can include wood as well. Dark, steely greys are a beautiful choice for any home but can look stark and sometimes consume the facade. Add character, warmth, and dimension with the use of stained wood. This can be achieved through the staining of a deck, front door, or porch. Choosing a wood stain should complement the darker colors of your home. You can work this in one of two ways. Because the wood is a contrasting material you can pick a warm stain for opposition or you can choose something equally as cool for a seamless effect.









Bold Accents

Bold colors can work well when they are used appropriately. Painting your home’s exterior is an investment. Choose something you will be happy with but will also add to the curb appeal. If you know in 10 years time you will sell the house, implement color wisely, so you don’t have to repaint later. One way to add color is with bold accents. Doors, shutters, and even your back deck are all excellent candidates for incorporating a vibrant hue. Can’t decide which one to choose? Pick something pleasing. Generally speaking, most people find they are attracted to cooler colors. That being said, for a blue, green, or gray.







Contrast Colors

Choosing your color palette can go two different ways. You can pick colors that make the house recede into the landscape, or you can choose something that sets it apart from the rest. A contrast color will highlight your home’s shape and structure. Going this route will provide you with an opportunity to call attention to the style of your home, and is best done in a color that contrasts with your current surroundings. For example, the home depicted below. The warm yellow illuminates beautifully in the sunshine. The house situated beneath the clear blue sky and the lush green grass looks inviting. The choice of color is just the right amount of contrast.






Tonal Shading

Exterior color schemes usually consist of the field color which is the dominant color and the accent color found in the doors and trimmings. If you want to liven up your home, you can add dimension through the use of tonal colors. Choosing a tonal color means you are picking out the same shade but in a lighter and darker version. The effect is beautiful and complimentary. Making your trimmings standout is still possible with the introduction of a third color. White is a clean and classic choice. It works well with almost every color palette, and when done correctly can make your home look very modern.

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