We pretty much butter our bread by building fences in Nashville, and while we’re happy to put up a traditional privacy or picket fence for a customer, it’s exciting to get tasked with coming up with something creative, too.

Fences naturally lend themselves to all kinds of creative modifications, as we work to help Nashvillians accomplish their preferences for privacy and function. Want to pretend, for example, that a certain neighbor doesn’t exist? There’s a fence for that. Want to let in sunlight for a vegetable garden or open an area up to a pretty view? There’s a fence for that, too. And you better believe there are all kinds of fencing options for keeping pets in and neighborhood kids out … with style.

Here are 5 inspiring shots sourced from Houzz.com:

I’m all about bringing back the split-rail fence (even in more urban settings). Made of hand-hewn timber and left to weather naturally, it may not rate high on practicality, but it’s off the charts on charm.

This black vertical fence becomes fun and functional with a chalkboard. So cool for kids and adults. Plus, wood slats work well with climbing plants.

Another fence done with vertical slats, this one introduces the idea of building the same fence at different heights to add visual interest and accomodate a view.

This fence plays with using planks in both directions, and gets a sleek modern look as a result.

Lattice-type fencework can be barely there or pretty substantial, depending upon how tightly your lattice is woven. Lots of homeowners opt for this style to create a sense of separation without completely blocking a line of sight. It can be used sparingly–on one side of a porch or backyard, maybe–or along an entire perimeter.

The bottom line here is that there’s no need to feel fenced in by the fencing options available to you. We encourage you to think twice before you slap up a traditional wooden fence. The sky is quite literally your limit.