Flea markets are one of the best places to find inexpensive and unique items for your home. Many items can be completely transformed with a little bit of T.L.C. and some creativity. Lucky for us, Nashville is home to a fantastic monthly flea market that carries everything from fresh produce to amazing furniture and everything in between. You could spend a whole day wondering through assorted vendors trying to find the perfect piece for your home. So how do you know which pieces are the best? Personal preference takes precedent, followed by a little know-how. Here is a list of some of the best flea market finds for your home:

Benches – If you are looking for a unique seating alternative, head for the flea market. Old church pews add an interesting twist to any décor and wooden spindle benches are always a favorite. Keep in mind that a coat of paint and the addition of a custom cushion or fun throw pills can transform the piece so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Old Doors – Old wooden doors typically have boatloads of character. Divots and scratches from years gone by make these pieces incredibly unique. And don’t limit yourself to putting an old door back in a frame. These make fantastic headboards, tables, and even standalone décor. And, again, don’t forget that any old paint can be stripped and refurnished to look however you’d like.

Old Stained Glass Windows – Much like old doors, older windows offer the distinctive character of their wooden frames while having beautiful glass designs. Although we wouldn’t recommend replacing your current windows with these, get creative in your approach. Putting them at the top of a large window will offer the aesthetic of stained glass. Suspend them from the ceiling in small empty spaces to give the illusion of separation from room to room. The options are endless with truly beautiful results

Good Furniture – If you have an eye, coming across really well made furniture at the flea market is like hitting the jackpot. Look for solidly built pieces, dovetail joints, stickers or signatures, and original hardware. Don’t hesitate if you do find something as there is a solid chance it may get bought out from under you if you move too slowly.

Collections – The flea market is an excellent place to start a collection. If you find something you love, a style of glass, a unique or silly item (think antique forks or plates) start scooping! You can find some really great deals and much of the time, small single items can be a fraction of what you’d pay at a higher end antique store. Once you get home, think of a great way to display your collection be it on the wall or on a committed shelf space allowing your collection to become a part of your home’s décor.

You may need to visit the flea market a few times to find that one piece that really makes you happy. But don’t get discouraged! Be sure to look at a piece for its bones not necessarily for what it looks like at the time. Almost anything can be painted, sanded, refinished and redone with a little elbow grease. So think outside the box! And as always, please feel free to give Stratton Exteriors a call regarding all your home’s interior and exterior needs.


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