Making additions to the exterior of your home should be met with consideration regarding durability as well as beauty. There are quite a few materials that provide both, but if you are looking for something that will stand the test of time and mother nature, consider flagstone. Flagstone is a rock available in a variety of sizes, thickness, and shapes that works exceptionally well in almost every outdoor application. The breadth of color and patterns gives every homeowner the opportunity to develop a space that complements the home. When selecting materials for your next addition, consider the benefits of using flagstone.

What is Flagstone and How is it Beneficial

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock. That means it’s formed from pre-existing rocks and comes together from deposits that accumulate on the Earth’s surface. This varied compression gives sedimentary rocks distinctive layering, which is one of the main characteristics of flagstone. Grains like quartz, iron, silicon, and other agents make up most of flagstone. These uniquely different binding agents contribute to the vast colors in which it can be obtained. The material is usually mined from bedding planes or other rocks.

Flagstone is a traditional choice for designing an outdoor space for many reasons. The material first and foremost is incredibly durable. Once installed, it will last for years. Water is not readily absorbed even after heavy rainfall or applied around an outdoor pool. With this resistance to water and weathering, the texture of the material never falters. Years from now, your flagstone will look just as beautiful as the first day it was constructed. Less time will be spent on repairs and maintenance which means you can relax and enjoy your new feature.

Flagstone Aesthetics

For homeowners who want flexibility in terms of design, flagstone is an excellent option. The stone is available in a broad range of colors from reds to blues, sizes, shades, and thicknesses providing customizable design options regardless of its end us. Each stone is available in a unique pattern, but it’s possible to achieve a cohesive look by opting for stones in a tonal color. Some homeowners decide to play on the stone’s broad range of hues and incorporate them into the final expression of the landscape. Cutting flagstone is relatively easy compared to some natural materials. A myriad of patterns can be achieved by forming either a formal or informal outdoor space.

The Versatile Applications of Flagstone

Retaining walls – The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold loose material like soil. For this application to work, you’ll need a building material that is thick and solid. Flagstone is available in a variety of thicknesses that offer more surface area. When your building material has more surface area like flagstone, you can establish a retaining wall that is durable and beautiful.

Flat laying – As we previously mentioned, flagstone does not quickly absorb water. Because of this characteristic, this natural stone has been used in the installation of outdoor walkways, patios, pools, and benches. It’s also possible to bring the benefits of the stone indoors by using it in the sunroom or shower.

Stacking – Stacking flagstone is a decorative option that can be used to build fireplaces, columns, walls, and siding. The stone is flame resistant and water resistant which allows for a lot of flexibility. Some homeowners choose to add decorative columns to the end of their driveways to give a more European look to their driveway and the exterior of the home.

Sidewalk – The smooth surface of flagstone make it perfect for sidewalks and pathways. Many parks choose this material because it’s not only beautiful but durable. Water runs off the surface making it safer for pedestrians, but you can also incorporate moss, plants, and grass for a unique landscape design.

For more information on flagstone and how you can use this durable material in your next outdoor design, contact Stratton Exteriors. Our experts can walk with you through the design process to achieve a space that is elegant and complementary to your home.