We have one last post for you about Shane’s 1929 English stone Tudor in Inglewood and all the wonders he and our peeps have worked there. This is one of the most impressive transformations. Because, yeah, this bathroom was just plain creepy before we got our hands on it.

before 1

before 2

Not only was it Pepto pink, but the arch over the shower straight up reminded us of the bathroom in The Shining. Like at any second a naked dead woman might come lurching out from behind the shower curtain. Cue the heebie jeebies.

The Shining bathroom

The Shining bathroom

Also, this space was super dark and so out of date that it just seemed as if bad things had surely gone down here. Shining style things. Well, we are happy to report that this bathroom is now long gone. You will never have to see it in person. No one will ever have to see it in person again.

This bathroom cried out for some major juju-erasing remodeling. Which means that we scrapped every bit of this space and started fresh with new floors, new fixtures, new toilet and sink, you name it. And all of that tile? Adios! We even took out a wall, and ultimately decided to turn this full bath into a half bath that made more sense for this house. For one, who wants a master bathroom without any windows? For two, who wants a master bath that doesn’t even connect to the master bedroom? Instead we created a bright and sunny luxury master bath that adjoins the master bedroom. See that here, K?

And this dreary space became a simple, modern half bath that now gives us the warm fuzzies.

Nashville bathroom

peacock blue bathroom