carpeted stairs get painted cromwell gray

Hey, happy Saturday! Ellen here. I’m Stratton Exteriors’s office manager, and I wrote about this DIY project already on my personal blog, so hopefully I’m not over-saturating social media with it. But I wanted to stick these photos up here, too, because Shane–my boss, and owner of Stratton Exteriors–was a huge help in making my staircase dreams come true. I know y’all are jelly that you, too, don’t work for a home improvement guru; it comes in really, really super handy if you’re, like me, a compulsive DIY-er who sometimes gets in over her head.

So, I’ve been contemplating what to do with my carpeted stairs for a long time. I even blogged some of my favorite stair-related ideas here this past winter. Finally, I had the guts (and the energy) to yank the carpet off of my steps and see what was lurking underneath. It wasn’t pretty. Most of the stairs needed to be retreaded, and all needed new risers. This is where Shane swooped in with his pickup truck and nail gun and circular saw and generous spirit and lent me a big hand. I took it from there and patched, sanded, primed, and painted my little heart out.

finishing stair case

I had a hard time deciding which color to paint my stairs, but after seeing the photo below–which I used as my inspiration–I eventually settled on Benjamin Moore’s “Cromwell Gray.” No idea what color the stairs below are actually painted, but it was the closest match I could find, and I really like the color, which is sometimes gray, sometimes brown, and sometimes Army green.

gray painted stairs


So, here are the finished stairs:

cromwell gray painted stairs

And here’s the view from the top, as I painted the handrail and banister rail to match the steps:

painted stair rail 2

Thanks, Shane, for all your help! And let us know what you think about the transformation.