This East Nashville house belongs to a couple who wanted to make some big changes in both the appearance and quality of their home’s exterior. Though the most dramatic transformation was in taking it from peach-colored to green with brown accents, we also did a ton of work on this Shelby Street home that added major value and safeguarded it from lots of potential problems.

Here’s the before and after look:

Here’s what we did:

– Removed and replaced the roof with 30-year shingle.

– Removed and replaced the gutters and downspouts.

– Removed the aluminum siding and replaced it with CertainTeed 8.25″ cedar milled siding.

– Painted the new siding with two coats of Porter Permanizer (which I’ve blogged about before).

– Painted the gutters, fascia, and windows.

– Painted and patched the front porch wood floor and painted it.

– Replaced the front handrails and added a double gate.

Stratton Exteriors Nashville

What a difference! We love it. What do you think?