After the owner of this Tyne Boulevard home in Nashville contracted us to pressure wash and repaint the siding and trim on their home, as well as to pressure wash and stain their deck, we were happy to hear from them again just three months later. This time they had a more ambitious project in mind.

The residents thought that a little-used portion of their deck, home to the family dogs’ bowls and beds, would better serve them as an enclosed exercise room. Among other challenges, we needed to not just work around but to highlight the existing stone work. We also needed to create a new deck that matched the patina of the existing deck. And the new exterior door that we installed? It would serve as the home’s front entrance and needed to look nothing short of seriously awesome. So we custom built that bad boy.

Stratton Exteriors room enclosure before

Stratton Exteriors

We started this project like we do any other: with careful planning and clear communication. Here are the sketches the homeowner signed off on before we broke ground on their addition.

Remodeling sketch

Then we got to work. Here’s some of what we did, in no particular order:

-Removed the existing railing and front gate from the deck.

-Removed exterior cedar wood on walls where there would be drywall, drywalled and painted the interior.

-Added additional floor joists for tongue and groove flooring. Also added insulation beneath floor.

-Framed up the new door and front door entry system. Then installed a custom-built IPE pivot door with horizontal planks, a steel reinforced core, a narrow window, pivot hinge, and side lights.

-Added lighting above the door to match the recessed can lighting above the garage, also added six recessed canned lights in the enclosed area.

-Removed an area of stone where we needed to frame up a glass wall. Then installed tempered insulated glass along the front of the enclosure.

-Added a glass side door.

-Installed wood flooring and baseboards, stained and sealed them.

-Installed a brand new deck outside the newly enclosed exercise room and stained it to match the existing deck.

We were pretty thrilled with the result. What do you think?