Have a master bath you’ve been dying to remodel? A half bath, perhaps? If you’ve been feeling like your bathrooms are outdated, you’re not alone. Whether your bathroom or bathrooms are big or small, there are several options for you and ways to make your space look the best it ever has. We use our friends at Ferguson for a lot of our lighting, plumbing and appliance needs.

We recently remodeled a master bath and love the lighting and marble countertops in this area. We made sure there was a lot of cabinet space to ensure that the homeowner has ample room to store his or her toiletries. Find the light fixture here.

master bath vanity 2

master bath vanity

















We also wanted to have ample counter space for this bathroom. There are two sinks in this master bath, so the more counter space the better! There is a lot one can do their master baths, or bathrooms in general. Smart storage is one of the trendiest things you can do to remodel anything these days. Smart storage makes the area look much more clean and modern as opposed to a bathroom with very little room for storage.

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master bath 3

















It was important to us with these bathrooms that the shower head was removable as a lot of them these days are fixed. Deluxe showers are also very popular in this day and age, which could mean using a high-tech shower head, adding jets to the shower and even doing a fully enclosed steam shower. We do it all and would love to help you with a bathroom remodel. Give us a shout.