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This is the first in a series of posts where we recommend awesome people to work with in the Nashville area. First up: Ashbusters, about whom we can’t say enough good stuff. So we’ll just say a few things:

The chimney is a beast all its own. Whenever we’re asked about building, lining, or repairing a chimney or hearth, we refer Ashbusters because they know chimneys like no one else in Nashville. In fact, it’s safe to say that they know chimneys like no one else in the country. Our friend Mark Stoner, who owns Ashbusters, has used his basically brilliant business practices to become one of the leaders in the chimney industry. (Yes, there’s a chimney industry. They even have conferences and stuff.) Lots of chimney sweep companies–Ashbusters included–have also added a dryer vent cleaning prong to their business model. The two services go hand in hand because your dryer vent is essentially a chimney that carries away lint, hot air, and plenty of other gunk you don’t want in your home. When left uncleaned and unmaintained, both chimneys and dryers can be huuuuge fire hazards, as well as leading causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. That means that a lot of what Ashbusters does is about prevention. Lots of homeowners don’t want to invest money in prevention when there are so many other exciting projects to be tackled, but making an appointment with a certified chimney sweep is just about one of the smartest things you can do to protect your family and your property. If your chimney is leaking, leaning, smelling funny, or if the mortar is crumbling, you really should not be putting off doing something about it.

And please just have a look at this picture of a “lint boulder” (aka fire hazard times a million) that Ashbusters removed from one dryer vent.


We rest our case. You can reach Ashbusters at 615-459-2546 or ashbusters@aol.com.