gutter-cleaningTips for Cleaning Your Gutters in Nashville

At some point, most home owners face the inevitable task of having to clean their gutters. In Nashville, with the weather the way it is, you may find yourself having to do so more often than in other areas. While some people choose to hire a roofing professional to handle this task, it’s certainly something that you can do on your own if you’ve got the time and ambition. To follow are some practical tips for safely and adequately keeping your gutters clean.

Choose the right ladder. The size of the ladder you need will depend on the type of house you own and its height. For one story homes, a step ladder may be sufficient. If you live in a home that has two or more stories, however, you will likely need an extension ladder. Wooden ladders are never recommended, as they can be quite dangerous.

Verify the ladder’s safety. If you’re using an older ladder, make sure it is still sound before attempting to climb it. Inspect the entire ladder, top to bottom, looking for any dents or damage. If it is held together with screws, make sure they are all securely in place before attempting to use the ladder.

Test the ground where you place your ladder. Before beginning your climb, make sure that the ladder is on level ground. Test it by applying pressure to the first rung. If the soil underneath is soft, place a large section of plywood under the ladder to secure it. Keep in mind that the ladder should never rest against your gutters as this could cause further damage.

Protect yourself. Wear rubber soled shoes, thick work gloves and protective eyewear when cleaning your gutters. In Nashville especially, our storms can result in plenty of debris, which could cause injury to you if you’re not careful.

Attach a sturdy bucket to the ladder. Depending on the type of ladder you’ve chosen, you can either use the area designed to hold a bucket, or attach one with a lanyard. The bucket is where you will place the debris you clean from the gutters.

Rake the roof. This is an important step because if you don’t do this, the next time there’s a storm, your gutters will end up full of debris again.

Use a gutter scoop. These are specifically designed to easily and efficiently remove everything that’s clogging up your gutters. You can purchase these at your nearest home improvement store.

For best results, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year – usually in the spring and again in the fall. Of course, if you notice that there’s a lot of debris piling up and it’s in between your normal scheduled cleanings, you may need to spot clean from time to time. If all of this seems just a little too overwhelming, you can leave it to a professional Nashville gutter company. That way you’ll know your gutters will be well maintained so they’ll work properly and ultimately last longer.