Building a home from the ground up takes experience and expert knowledge of construction. From creating a budget, securing funds, and retrieving permits to hiring surveyors and subcontractors, passing inspections, and keeping up with the latest design trends and desires of potential buyers, general contractors have a gargantuan task ahead of them at the beginning of a new build.

TheNashville skyline Nashville cityscape is changing rapidly, and for the average Nashvillian, it may appear as though homes pop up left and right seemingly out of nowhere. But in reality, the homes we build, for instance, come to life over time and with a lot of planning, precision, and patience. Not one detail from start to finish is left unnoticed among our crew. I wanted to give you a taste of what it’s like to see a new construction through to the end. So enjoy, and if you have any questions or want to know more, you’re welcome to leave a comment below!After the sale of a lot is finalized, building permits are obtained, and funding for the budget is secured, one of the first steps in the life of a new construction at Stratton Exteriors and Urban Properties Nashville is drafting the architectural drawings. David Baird of Building Ideas, LLC here in Nashville created the plans for our 1015 Burchwood Ave. home. The pictures below show the amount of detail that goes into these drawings. Every room is outlined, dimensions are drawn to scale, and electrical and plumbing lines are marked.

Once the drawings are approved, our subcontractors get to work on the foundation. The foundation is vitally important to a new build. A sturdy, well-built foundation is necessary to ensure longevity and prevent damage to the house down the road. The blocking has to pass strict inspections before we can even move on to the next steps, which include the framing, electrical and plumbing, and drywall installation. I like to think of the framing as the bones of the house, while the electrical and plumbing lines are like the veins that will eventually pump life (and quite literally, light) into the home. The drywall installation is where the interior of the home really starts to take shape. Bare bones become rooms with the installation of the drywall.

The next steps in a new build are what give each home its unique style and character. We select every minute detail—from paint colors (interior and exterior), to light fixtures, to appliances and accessories—with care.

When our new build has fully come to life, we garnish it with landscaping and find it an owner.

Home remodels are super fun and one of our favorite things to do, but new constructions are a lot of fun, too. There’s just something so special about watching a home go from ideas to paper to the ground on up. We’re grateful and lucky to be a part of that process here in Nashville!