This photo was posted on Houzz.com recently with the question, “Are you a fan of white kitchens? Or do you prefer cooking with more color?”


The most “liked” comment on that post was the following:

“A body on the table and you have the morgue.”

Haha. But … really. Is this all-white kitchen too sterile for your tastecreepy, evenor does this very 21st century kitchen do it for you? And because many kitchens take a beating on a daily basis, do you think a white kitchen would be too challenging to keep clean?

Meanwhile … hundreds more commenters enthused about all-white kitchens, arguing that the warmth of the kitchen’s farm table was enough to ground the expanse of snow white.

Here’s another popular white kitchen that popped up on Houzz this week:


At least the fresh flowers and that platter of lemons and limes inject some color. But is it enough?

We think the kitchen is a place to have fun and socialize, to wake up with coffee in the morning and conversation at night, and that the very best “white” kitchens draw on a healthy dose of color, saturated or not, to add warmth. A boldly colored kitchen island, an accent wall, a pair of ocean blue bar stools: A little color can go a long way.

Here are a few of our favorite examples, in a few different decor styles:



Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 9.21.14 PM


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And we want to know: Are you in on the white kitchen trend?