Fences are an often overlooked and underappreciated part of the home. Indeed, fences have the potential to be both functional and decorative. If you are thinking about selling your house in the near future, these two things can do a lot boost your sale price. You should consider installing or upgrading your fence!


Fences can do a lot to bolster your home’s privacy level. Even a small fence will serve as adequate deterrent to most potential trespassers, and help define the borders of your realm. However, fences can also offer something even more important than this: peace of mind. A strong fence will help you and your family feel safe and secure.


Fences can also serve as a huge aesthetic asset to your home. A tasteful fence surrounding your home can do more than just compliment your home; it will create boundaries for your home where you can focus your efforts.

5 Ideas For Fences 

  1. The Lattice Garden Fence 

If you are a gardener, you’ll love this. Lattice fences such as this are designed to provide vines with an easy surface to climb. Using the vines and plants of your choice, you can use this type of fence to surround your property with a wall of gorgeous leaves and flowers.










  1. The Elegant Metal Fence 

Certain types of fences can do a lot to help define your property’s character. A classic metal fence like this can go a long way towards giving your home the kind of aged, era-specific feel you have been after.









  1. The Bamboo Fence 

The simple Asian elegance of a bamboo fence is not to be underestimated. Bamboo is a truly unique type of wood, capable of turning your yard into your happy place.

bamboo fence






  1. The White Picket Fence 

This is type of fence design is both classic and sought-after. Erecting a white picket fence around your property can go a long way towards giving your home the southern/suburban feel you have been looking for. You could also achieve the same effect with vinyl fencing.

  1. The Crazy, Off-The-Wall Fence 

We’re all snowflakes, and the qualities that define us are often reflected in the way we decorate our homes. If you have any fun, wacky ideas for your fence, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger! Let this fence made out giant colored pencils serve as inspiration for you.









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