Blue skies and light breezes are what great porch days are made of. As spring finally continues to liven up Nashville, we find ourselves flocking outdoors to embrace the warmer weather. For those of us lucky enough to have a home with a great outdoor space, this time of year is particularly inviting. And for those of us who don’t, a new deck can be a welcome and beneficial addition to any home. Take a look at these deck design ideas to help guide you in deciding which would be best for your home:



Covered decks have the benefit of being able to be utilized in any weather. A mid-afternoon rain? No problem. Half-covered decks can prove to be the best of both worlds. With one area underneath a roof and the other open, you can enjoy both the sun and the shade when things get a bit too hot.


This option is great for when you want the fresh air but not necessarily the bugs and other outdoor drawbacks. In addition, the added security may make you feel better about installing outdoor electronics (stereos and televisions, etc.). You can also utilize screen covers to install when the weather gets colder, allowing you to extend the amount of time you’re able to spend on your porch.


The most traditional deck design, an open deck allows maximum exposure for those who wish to spend their time under the sun. Less restricting than covered or screened-in options, there is a lot of room for additional add-ons that may not be available in other designs.


The best option for homeowners of two-story homes who wish to utilize and provide accessibility to deck space on both levels. Multilevel decks can also consist of several different platforms that offer an aesthetically pleasing feel and can better blend into the surrounding landscape.


Custom decks are best suited for those who want to incorporate fun add-ons such as hot tubs, outdoor showers, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Custom decks are also great for those with backyard pools that wish to add a deck to fit around the existing layout.


Any of these deck designs are sure to make for a fantastic outdoor living space while also adding value to your home. If you are unsure which design would best fit your home’s current layout, please give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions and guide you toward building the deck of your dreams.