A real live treehouse!

We were pleased as punch to pretty up the back facade of this gorgeous Nashville home. Though we have gotten lots of positive feedback about how we honored the homeowners’ request to build a deck on columns around a tree they couldn’t bear to part with, we think we made almost as much of a statement with the rest of our work back here. Not only did we add the balcony and windows to the second floor, but we installed fresh new siding. And check out the queue of doors we put in along the deck–talk about adding light and interest to a home! Located in West Meade, this home–we would imagine–has been host to many a magical backyard dinner party since our contractors packed up their toolboxes for the last time.

Our work also ended up being practical, as the homeowners can park cars beneath the deck.

Some people get especially attached to their trees so it’s no surprise that we are asked from time to time how difficult it is to build a deck around a tree. Truthfully, it’s not too difficult at all. Especially with a tree this size, we figure it won’t do too terribly much more growing so we just leave about an inch of room around its perimeter. We can’t imagine a home more green-friendly than this one.