When these homeowners reached out to us about building a garage just behind their home in Inglewood, they did so with some very real trepidation. After hiring another contractor to build a garage for them, they’d been swindled out of a large sum of money and left only with a wonky slab of concrete. Needless to say, they weren’t feeling particularly trustful of home improvement companies or contractors. But we provided them with some of our references and let them proceed cautiously–knowing all the while that the only thing we’d leave them with in the end was the garage of their dreams.

Here’s what the “bones” of the garage looked like before we added siding, paint, doors, and windows. This was of course after we removed all the concrete that the original contractor had laid and relaid it.

garage being built

And here’s the completed garage!

Golf Street garage after

nashville garage builder

What do you think? We think it turned out great. Love the color choices and really love those garage doors.