This past fall we built this handsome 24-foot by 26-foot garage for a couple who live in East Nashville’s East End neighborhood. It turned out right nice, we think. The proof is in the photos:

Before – A patchy backyard without much function.

After – A garage and walkway with function to spare. The homeowners requested that the garage’s interior remain unfinished and that it include one window and a half-view glass door, in addition to the insulated garage door. We applied hardie board siding and matched the paint and trim to the house with two coats of Porter Permanizer. The garage’s roof was matched to the roof on the house.

We also poured concrete so that the area between the alley and the garage was neatly paved, and we created a walkway leading from the back patio to the fabulous new garage.

garage building

The front yard got some sprucing up, too, with a pretty new French Gothic style spaced picket fence.


We like. You like?