Robert Frost wrote that “good fences make good neighbors,” and Benjamin Franklin said to “love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.” There are lots of great reasons to build a fence, and in spite of all the proverbs about them, not all are designed just to keep pesky neighbors at bay.

We’ve built fences in Nashville for homeowners who want to keep their little children or dogs reined in, those who want to better define their property line or create privacy, and those who really just want to add beauty and value to a home.

We wanted to share our most recent fence project with you. We defined the front yard of a home in East Nashville’s Historic Edgefield neighborhood with a pretty sloping wooden fence.

Here’s the home before the fence went up:

And now with the fence:

The doorknobs on the front gate are a favorite detail.

Nashville fence builder

Isn’t it striking how much a good fence sets this house apart from others on the street?

Postscript: We ended up going back and slapping a coat of paint on this handsome fence. Finished product here…

Nashville fence builder