If you’ve made the decision to sell your home, most realtors will encourage you to stage it in an effort to showcase its best features. Potential buyers are likely to pay more for a well-staged home that better highlights where they will be living than a poorly decorated or empty one. In addition, minor changes can be a great investment. According to Bankrate, staging your home to sell results in a 586% return on investment.

So what can you do to help put your home’s best face forward? Here are 8 Ways to best stage your home to sell:

1. Bring in the Paint Supplies

Painting the walls a gender neutral shade allows potential buyers to view the home as a clean slate. Knowing they will not have to repaint over outdated or bold statement walls means less work for them down the road.8 Tips on How to Stage Your Home to Sell

2. Modernize Your Kitchen

We are not talking a whole overhaul here, just small kitchen renovations that can make a big impact. Updating hardware for example or new lighting. Look into possible refinishing or painting current cabinets, or if your budget allows, installing all new cabinetry.

3. Clean

This should be a no-brainer, but homebuyers will and can look everywhere. Be sure to keep your closets and other small spaces uncluttered and tidy – this includes your refrigerator.

4. Window Treatments

Do not leave the windows unattended to. If possible keep your curtains up, even if you are packing to get out. Bare windows are a turnoff, and it’s often hard for people to imagine what good window treatments can do for a room.

5. Update Flooring

Take a look beneath your feet. Are there any cracked tiles? Loose linoleum? If your home has hardwood floors, are there any boards warping or cracking? If so, spend the time to get these fixed. Good flooring is one less task new homeowners will have to consider when looking to purchase your house.

6. Final Touches

It’s often times the little things that make the biggest impact. Treat any existing tables to runners or tablecloths. Place flower arrangements or plants around the house and light a great smelling candle. These small touches allow you to provide your home with an appealing, comfortable environment.

7. Curb Appeal

First impressions are big when it comes to looking to buying a new property. You want home’s curb appeal to attract attention as soon as a buyer pulls up. Making sure your lawn is mowed, the landscape is tended to and the walkways and porches look their best is key.

8. Furniture

Don’t ruin a potential buyer’s inkling to purchase your home because you have outdated or ugly furniture. Yes, it may not be theirs, but they are imagining their furniture in your space, and it’s difficult to overlook unappealing pieces. Also, don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture to allow for a more spacious look.

Selling your home can be a stressful time. Taking simple steps to ensure it sells quickly and for the best price can help. Keep in mind that small investments can equal a big return during the selling process. If you are interested in small renovations to help sell your home fast, give Stratton Exteriors a call. Our experienced professionals will be happy to provide you with a reasonable estimate for all your home’s needs.