1. Basils Cathedral: Amid the hub of Red Square in Moscow, Russia you will find this former-church-turned-museum. With a roof of spires resembling multi-colored flames reaching towards the heavens, St. Basils Cathedral is one of the country’s most famous architectural landmarks.

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  1. Duomo Di Milano: The largest cathedral in Italy, this exquisite example of gothic architecture holds over 130 delicate spires up on its roof.

Duomo Di Milano

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  1. Rumah Gadang: Meaning “big house”, rumah gadang are traditional homes of the Minangkabau people. These types of homes, passed down through the families from mother to daughter, are characterized by several gables each sweeping upwards in a horn-like design.

Rumah Gadang


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  1. Icelandic Turf Houses: Up until the 1900’s, turf houses were the most common form of dwellings for Iclandic settlers. The insulating properties of the soil and peat create a literal and figurative “green” roof that helped protect against the elements.

Icelandic Turf Houses
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  1. Gopurams: These extraordinarily ornate towers serve as the entrance to temples in India. Topped with a large stone finial, these colorful buildings depict hindu stories with the world’s largest reaching over 230 feet.




  1. Lotus Temple: Completed in 1986, this non-denominational place of worship is located in New Delhi India. With a roof composing of 27 free standing marble “petals”, Lotus Temple is quickly becoming on of the most visited buildings in the world.

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  1. AT&T Building: Call us bias, but we happen to think Nashville’s own “Batman Building” has a pretty great roof too! With its signature spires, the AT&T building is the highlight of Music City’s skyline as well as the tallest building in the state reaching 617 feet.

AT&T Building
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