From appliances to decor, outdoor kitchen spaces are rapidly becoming a popular addition to many a home. Not only does an outdoor kitchen allow you to embrace the warmer weather, but it can help take your yard to next level. With endless options, it can be difficult to decide what designs will look best in your lawn. Here are 7 great outdoor kitchen ideas to get you started.

1. Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

From small patios  to expansive lawns, outdoor kitchen amenities can cater to your ideal space requirements. Get creative with minimized appliances, or relish in the convenience of a full-sized kitchen while enjoying the great outdoors.


2. Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

One of the more popular options for outdoor kitchens recently is the pizza oven. Aside from its obvious attributes, (homemade pizza, anyone?) pizza ovens provide a unique alternative to the traditional grill and come in a variety of material and sizes.


3. Covered


Never worry that you can’t take advantage of your outdoor time because of a little rain. A covered outdoor kitchen allows you to BBQ no matter the weather and provides refuge from that hot summer sun.


4. Uncovered


On the other hand, an uncovered kitchen is not only less expensive but also maintains a more open feel. Also, in lieu of built-ins, an uncovered kitchen may benefit from freestanding appliances that can be relocated if need be.


5. Bar/Table

Bar Table

One of the single best characteristics of an outdoor kitchen is the ability to entertain your family and friends. Room for a table or built in bar allows you to serve your food quickly and efficiently.


6. Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Building an outdoor kitchen out of natural materials such as stone provides a more streamline look that blends in with the environment. Additionally stone is low-maintenance and can withstand the elements.


7. Entertainment


What could possibly make an outdoor kitchen better? Consider adding in some additional entertainment options such as televisions and speakers for music.


With so many available options, it may benefit you to speak with someone regarding what ideas will work best in your outdoor space. Whether your home already has an outdoor kitchen or you’re looking to build one, Stratton Exteriors will be happy to help. Please give us a call with any questions you may have regarding your home’s outdoor kitchen space.