Enjoying time on your home’s deck is a sure sign that warmer weather has arrived. As the days get longer and the evenings get hotter, it’s important that your deck is an area that can transition easily from daytime relaxing to night time fun. Having great lighting options ensures that you’ll get maximum porch time all summer long. Here are 7 amazing deck lighting ideas for your home:

  1. String Lighting. Romanticstring lights and easy, string lighting can be strung from just about any-where. Opt for a zig zag pattern for a more rustic look that evokes al fresco dining, or hang along railings for a soft glow.
  2. Path and Stair Lighting. It can be a pain to dig out a flashlight or cell phone to see where you are walking. Instead, install path and stair lighting to help mark pathways and steps.
  3. LanternsLantern lighting. A fun and portable option, lanterns – especially tiki torches – can be relocated to anywhere you need light. Larger statement lanterns and free standing posts offer a distinctive and fun source of lighting.
  4. Statement Lighting. Go ahead and think outside the box. A bold chandelier, a funky or vintage pendant light, unique task lighting – the options are endless. Choose a piece that fits your personality and feels right for the space. Bold colors and original pieces can create a focal point for your deck’s design.
  5. Wall-Mounted Sconces. A great way to offer soft up-lighting, sconces are typically used to highlight around areas of your porch such as doorways.
  6. Candles. One of the easiest ways to create great mood lighting is with candles. Not only are they portable, but the smoke offers the extra benefit of keeping insects at bay. Consider placing a group of candles in various sizes together for a dramatic effect or investing in several large glass hurricanes for some added elegance.
  7. Ceiling Fans.IMG_1331_resized If your home’s deck is partially or fully covered, consider installing a ceil-ing fan and light combination. Not only will it help to circulate air as it getS hotter out-side, but the overhead lighting can be utilized at night when you are looking for a bright-er option.

We invite you to take advantage of your home’s deck and sit down a spell. Installing great lighting options ensures that you get the most use of your deck all spring and summer long. If you have any questions regarding potential lighting options for your deck or are simply looking to install new lights, please give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be happy to help and guide you in selecting the best options for your home.