If you are lucky to have a mud room area in your home, than you are also lucky enough to have a great place to sit down when you get home, doff your coat and your shoes, and set  your bags, mail, keys, etc. A mud room can be a godsend, especially for families with pets and small children. Having a place to “keep the mud” before it gets into the house is helpful for anyone that has ever had to clean up grime out of a light colored carpet. The mudroom also happens to be the place people first walk through when entering your home, so having it look well is important. Here are 5 ways to remodel your home’s mud room to make it look great:

  1. Cleaning Station Having a water supply in your mudroom can help clean off dirty boots, dirty paws, and anything else that manages to get inside that could use a good rinse. Consider installing a small station with a shower head where you can wash a dog or muddy feet.

  2. Seating A comfortable place to sit down in a mudroom is key to ensure people remove their dirty shoes before traipsing inside. Be sure to have a comfortable and durable bench  or several seats for people to use for both heading out and coming back in.

  3. Catchall Areas Install a designated area for things that tend to get lost quickly upon walking in. Think a small basket or hooks for keys and a small basket for mail. Create peace of mind by always knowing where your keys, garage door opener and assorted bags are.

  4. Racks, Bins, and Shelving Mud rooms can become disorganized quickly if you’re not careful. Be sure to have a designated place for larger items. Install shelves for shoes and boots, mount racks with hangers for coats, and purchase matching bins for hats, gloves, and scarves.

  5. Door Having a mudroom is great, but you may not want to have to look at it all the time. Install a door between the mudroom and the interior to separate the space.

With winter upon us, it’s extra nice to have a designated space for all your cold weather items. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s current mud room or perhaps install a new one, give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions and offer recommendations.

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