Whether facing the blank canvases of your newly built home or you’re simply looking to update your current living area, choosing the right paint color for your home’s walls can be an overwhelming task. The best colors can transform a room, help set the mood and assist with laying out interior spaces – only further adding to the pressure of selecting the correct color. Here are 5 ways to help choose the best paint color for your home:

Find InspirationSeek Inspiration: Inspiration can be found everywhere. Look through vacation photos and interior design magazines or search online on sites like Pinterest to find spaces that intrigue you.

Consider the elements: What will be the predominant light source in the room? Your color choice may look significantly different in low lighting versus overhead. Also, consider what furniture will be in the room. Modern and sleek furniture may compliment vivid colors better than more ornate or classic pieces. And don’t forget to establish the mood of the room – is it more of a relaxing environment or high energy? Allow your color to reflect accordingly.

Take advantage of apps, paint samples and other color selection tools: Many paint companies offer online tools that will virtually “paint” a room for you. There are also applications available that you can use from your phone to quickly take photos and paint your walls without ever lifting a brush. However, you still want to take advantage of paint swatches, as they will allow you to see your choice of color in real life and in various lighting.

Go with the flow: In addition to selecting the color for the room you are looking to paint, be sure to consider the surrounding rooms as well. Ensuring the colors “flow” from one room to the next may help you decide which colors will work best.Getting Familiar with Color Terms and Paint Finishes

Get familiar with color terms and paint finishes:

  • Hue – how a color is perceived (i.e. red, yellow, green, etc.)
  • Saturation – the strength or weakness of a color
  • Value – The brightness of a color
  • Tints/Shades – How a color varies from its original hue
  • Paint finishes –high gloss (ultra shiny), semi gloss (semi shiny), satin (lightly shiny), and matte (no shine)

Once you are able to decide on the best colors for your home, your next step is to get to painting. Since actually painting a room can be even more daunting than selecting the paint color, you may benefit from hiring a professional painter to ensure the job is completed correctly the first time. Give Stratton Exteriors a call for all your professional painting needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your home’s interior paint job.