We all use our garages for different reasons. Some of us use them to park our cars, store gardening equipment, power tools, deep freezers, unused furniture and even off-season clothes. While storing those items in your garage may be harmless, there are a few things that one should definitely not be keeping in their garage.


If your garage is not heated, paint has the potential to separate or dry out, ruining your paint. We recommend storing your paint in either your basement or laundry room.

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks should always be stored outside of your garage as often times the valve is not closed completely. Leaking propane gas is potentially hazardous, so always avoid keeping it in an enclosed area!

Wooden Furniture

The temperature in your garage fluctuates drastically. When wood is stored in an area where the temperature changes frequently, it has the potential to expand and contract, potentially ruining your furniture.


Keeping your electronics in your garage during extremely cold or hot temperatures can damage easily. Most electronics are sensitive to severe weather, so we recommend keeping them inside, even if you aren’t using them all the time.

Pet Food

Keeping opened (and unopened) pet food in your garage is an open invite for rodents! Mice can easily chew through paper, so it is best to keep pet food indoors or in an airtight container.

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