Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.09.43 PMKitchen Remodeling in Nashville is a hot topic –a prominent, albeit expensive way to increase the value of your home. But few take into consideration that an outdoor kitchen remodel may provide you with the increased home value you are looking for as well as a great place to entertain. With summer in full swing, with it comes the stifling Nashville humidity and sweltering temperatures. If you are lucky enough to have a great backyard (and perhaps, a pool) it’s key to have a great outdoor entertaining space to go with it.

Gone are the days of a simple standalone grill and a picnic table –an outdoor kitchen needs to be a place where family and friends can gather, and want to stay a while. Whether you are interested in creating the perfect space to accommodate all your freeloading friends without a pool, or looking to revamp the space you already have, here are five ideas to consider when looking to remodel your outdoor kitchen.

Usage The most important factor to keep in mind while considering an outdoor kitchen remodel is to decide how often you plan on using the space. Is this something you hope to use all year long (it is almost football season) or is this an area that will close up when the pool does? This decision will contribute to many factors including the best types of appliances you can invest in.

Positioning/shade It’s important to consider the sunlight factor. Nobody wants to be manning a hot grill while the sun beats down on their back or is setting directly in their face. You may want to opt for a shade-offering pergola or roof extension to alleviate those Nashville rays.

Proximity For convenience purposes, many like to have their outdoor kitchen within close proximity to their indoor kitchen. Easy access to all their standard kitchen supplies makes the transition from indoor to outdoor that much easier. Keep in mind that the smoke from the grill can get all up in your business, so be sure to consider that when it comes to grill placement. And for those looking to venture a little further out in the lawn, it may be easier to install additional appliances such as a sink, small refrigerators, and an ice machine to lessen the trips back and forth.

Weather In Nashville, it often feels that you can blink and the weather will change –you’re outdoor kitchen will need to be prepared for that. Of course your appliances are going to be made of durable stainless steel, but if you’re planning on bringing the party indoors when the temperatures go down, you may want to look into a portable grill rather than built in. You’ll need to prepare for the worst, so weatherproof materials are key for countertops and cabinetry – think stones and tiles –to provide adequate protection from whatever weather Mother Nature throws our way.

Dining Space How many people are you looking to entertain. The family and a few close friends or the entire neighborhood? If you like to throw large dinner parties, be prepared provide ample room for your guests and their required seating.

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to increase the resale value of your home as well as provide you and your loved ones a lovely place to hang out during these Nashville dog days. Of course, be sure to contact a professional regarding any plumbing and electrical installation that may be involved with your remodel. Safety is key when it comes to grilling and chilling, and they will work with you to ensure that the end result is the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.