It often seems that no matter the size of your home, there never seems to be enough space for all of our things. From your garage to your kitchen, finding the best way to organize and store your items can be a tricky task. Here are 5 smart home storage solutions to help you efficiently utilize the space in your home:

  1. Double Duty Furniture – think ottomans, storage benches, and trunks. For your living spaces, this type of furniture is ideal for stashing blankets and pillows, games, and clothing. Not only does it serve a dual-purpose, but great looking accent pieces can help tie a room together.
  2. Vertical Storage – So often we fail to realize that we can work our way up a wall instead of focusing on the floor. Add in higher shelving or take advantage of the space above your kitchen cabinets.
  3. Built-ins and pull outs – If you are looking how to best utilize an empty area for storage, consider installing built-in or pull out shelving. Not only will can this type of work add value to your home, but it looks lovely and can provide you with floor to ceiling space to display and store your things.
  4. DIY Shelving and Rubbermaid – Check out this great DIY from this blogger. Building your own shelving units specifically designed for large rubber bins is a great idea for areas like your basement or garage where you can stash things that you may only use once or twice a year.
  5. Make use of awkward spaces – If you have a smaller home, chances are you have a few strange spots that just don’t really seem to know what to do with. Utilize this space by arranging hooks and bins on the wall to hang and store coats, hats, keys, and mail.

If you find yourself at a loss for where to store your items, one of these solutions may be for you. And as always, if you have any questions regarding one of the options listed above or if you are looking into possibly include them in your home, give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d be delighted to assist you with all your home renovation needs.

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