If you are your own interior designer, you may be searching for some fresh ideas to make your Nashville home your own. Here are five of our favorite tricks:

For the Bathroom: Consider using an outdoor light above your vanity for an industrial or rustic vibe. 

put an outdoor light  in the bathroom

Wall mount outdoor lanterns work surprisingly well in lots of bathrooms and are a nice change of pace from so many of those terrible tulip-shaped sconce lights. Some good candidates: Hampton Bay’s Zinc Wall Light and its Cottage Lantern. Pop one of those fancy Edison-style light bulbs in one of these, and I bet your guests will swear you paid tons for a custom fixture.

For the Kitchen: Mix and match dark and light cabinets.

dark lower cabinets

I played around with this trend in my own kitchen and put a dark cherry-colored upper cabinet in right along with the rest of my white cabinets. I love the look, and of course I can always paint it if I (or a future owner) tire of it. Another idea: paint your kitchen island one color and leave your cabinets another.

For the Bedroom: Use a shower curtain as a curtain panel. 

shower curtain on window

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect curtain panels for your bedroom, don’t forget to consider the shower curtain section of your favorite home store or online retailer. This trick will only work for windows that aren’t very high, as the average shower curtain is 72″ in length. (Or you could add some length to a shower curtain like this blogger did.) Some favorite options: Kate Spade New York’s Candy Shop Stripe shower curtain and West Elm’s Stripe Shower Curtain (shown above, and now on sale for $31/each).

For the Living Room: Leave your wood floors bare. 

bare hardwood floors

There’s lots of talk about finding the perfect area rug, but not only are they expensive, they’re also overrated, especially when your house is rocking gorgeous hardwood floors. Area rugs have become so ubiquitous that not having a rug is as much of a design choice as having a rug. Another unconventional floor covering idea: Play with turning an area rug kitty corner instead of lining it up perfectly with a couch or coffee table.

For the Deck: Paint a rug on. 

paint an area rug

A deck or back porch is a great place to get playful with decor, but they are often some of the most boring spaces around the home. One idea for punching up the place: Consider painting your deck a bright color or painting a “rug” onto your floorboards. Here the DIY Network gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.