Crown molding can be a great accent to any home’s walls.  It adds a touch of elegance, is relatively easy to install, and can be painted or stained to match your style. But molding isn’t just for the top of your ceilings anymore. Take a look at these 5 ways to creatively use molding around your home:

  1. Faux Baseboards – Baseboards are similar to crown molding in that they add a little something to your walls. Obtain a custom (and expensive) look by adding a small strip above your current baseboards and painting the space in between.
  2. Mirrors – Clip in mirrors are very common in the bathroom. Affix some crown molding around the mirror to give it a custom look. Feeling really crafty? Try doing this to a mirror mounted on the back of a door for an even more unique look.
  3. Television – This one take a bit of work but yields truly awesome results. After mounting your flat-panel television flush against a wall, frame it using a thicker, more detailed molding.
  4. Kitchen Cabinets – Are you looking to revamp your kitchen on the cheap? Try custom cutting flat molding and placing around the circumference of your cabinets, on top, and repainting. Keep in mind this may require new hardware but can yield impactful results without the cost of brand new cabinetry.
  5. Book shelf – Breathe new life into an old or inexpensive book shelf by mounting crown molding to the top and repainting to match. It will give the illusion of thicker wood and a make it look like a much more expensive piece.

The uses for crown molding really are endless. Even by framing something as simple as a light switch panel can quickly make your home feel custom-made. Just be sure to take very accurate measurements when doing your crown molding project to ensure everything will fit properly. As always, feel free to give Stratton Exteriors a call with any questions you have regarding your home’s interior.


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