One of the first things people notice about your home is its front door. Whether they are standing directly in front of it or simply driving by, a good front door is a great way to show people a little bit about who lives inside. And, if you are looking to sell or simply want to have your home look its best, front door curb appeal is an easy and inexpensive way to revamp your home. Check out these 4 ways to spruce up your front door:

Replacement Doors Nashville1. Paint Sometimes all you need to make the most impact is a few coats of paint. If you are feeling particularly creative, go with a bold, vibrant color such as red, yellow, or blue. If not, you can never go wrong with neutral tones that can be further accented with new hardware.

2. Replace Take a good look at your front door – has it seen better days? Does it look cheap? Do you think you would benefit from a complete overhaul? It may be time to look into replacing your current model with a newer one. Starting fresh gives you plenty of options to choose from with only moderate installation effort.

3. Accessorize Once you have the door of your dreams, accent it accordingly with upgraded hardware in interesting finishes. Look into new house numbers, mail slots and get creative with an interesting door knocker.

4. Decorate Don’t just stop at the door! Look into replacing that old, dingy doormat with a new one. Bring in some plants or shrubberies to border the entryway. If you need a new doorbell plate, now is the time to invest. Take a good look at the area directly surrounding your front door and get creative.

Giving your home’s front door a little TLC is sometimes all you need to completely change the look of your entryway. If you are looking to revamp or replace your home’s for door and need help finding the best option, give Stratton Exteriors a call. No job is too small and we are happy to help.