Gutters play an important role when it comes to your home. They protect your home from water damage, which could potentially be a few thousand dollars or more to fix if not taken care of properly. While gutters generally last for a long time, they still need to be replaced on occasion. Nashville can see a lot of rain, so we want to make sure your gutters are taken care of.

There are a few signs you should look for when you’re trying to figure out whether or not you need to replace your gutters.

They’re Cracked

Cracked gutters are a sure sign you need to get new ones. Having a cracked gutter is basically like having a bucket with a hole in the bottom. The job cannot be done if there is a crack! If water is dripping down the side of your home, this could potentially lead to foundational issues, which can cost a fortune to fix!

They’re Peeling

Is the paint peeling off of your gutters? If paint is peeling on your gutters and water continues to get on your gutters, this can cause your gutters to rust, which you definitely do not want.

They’re Uneven

If your gutters aren’t even, this could mean that water might be pooling in one spot rather than flowing towards the downspouts. The whole point of having gutters is to direct water away from your home.

They’re Sagging

If your gutters are barely hanging on to your house, you should probably get new ones. The whole point of gutters is so that the water has somewhere to go off of your roof. If the gutter is not attached, the water just drips right off of the roof, potentially causing water damage to your home.

While replacing gutters is usually less than idea, just think about the money you are saving in the long run. If you think you need new gutters, give us a call. We would love to help you out.