Porch Season Is Here! 

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the back porch of your home as the summer sun begins to sink over the tree line and the lightning bugs begin to put on their show as darkness falls over the lawn. Well, the only thing better might be sitting on that same porch early in the morning with a cup of coffee, listening as the birds call to one another.

Either way you look at it, there’s no better place to enjoy the comfort of your home during the summer than basking in the sun’s rays from the comfort of your deck or patio.

Here are a few outdoor spaces we’ve recently completed that may provide you with some inspiration for your outdoor space.

This outdoor kitchen just screams class! Resting on a concrete foundation, this patio not only boasts a grill and outdoor sink, but also a space to keep your beverage of choice cool on hot days. You’ll also notice the detail that went into the stone exterior finish, as well as the lamps that can illuminate the space after dark. Don’t forget the shade from the pergola that will be providing the relief from the heat you need as temperatures climb.

Simple can be beautiful and this deck is a prime example of this. The detail that went into the woodwork is absolutely stunning and is best enjoyed from the comfort of the enclosed hot tub. In between your sessions in the tub, you might choose to roast a few marshmallows over the fire pit.

Perhaps its just too hot for you outside during the summer months. You love the outdoors, but you just can’t stand the heat. Perhaps a sunroom is a good alternative your you. With this project, we enclosed a porch space and provided it with electricity and temperature regulation.

Imagine the sound of a summer rain coming down on top of that tin roof as you beat the heat with the cool breeze of a ceiling fan!

These are just a few of the options our Nashville home improvement experts can make a part of your home. Call us anytime at (615) 750-2148 to discuss your outdoor space needs with our team.

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