We’ve been writing a lot about kitchens lately–mostly because they’re such an important part of a home’s layout, and we often meet clients who want to modernize a kitchen that has outdated features.

Throughout history, the average kitchen has undergone dramatic changes. In earlier years, it was a purely utilitarian space, where food was cleaned, prepared and stored. Early kitchens were hot, stuffy and noisy. They were also much smaller. In fact, the average kitchen has more than doubled in size over the past few decades.

Over time, the kitchen has become a social center of the home, where guests and family members gather. It’s also a room that homeowners prize for its design, space and efficiency. A well-designed and beautiful kitchen has become an expectation and demand of modern homeowners–because they know their kitchen will become a hearth of their home.

So what are the most important elements of a modern kitchen? Let’s take a look.

The Kitchen Island

ButcherBlock counter top kitchen

Before the 1950s, the kitchen was a closed-off, almost secret area of the house. Guests were rarely invited to see a home’s kitchen, let alone grab a seat at a kitchen counter and chat with the cook while the meal was prepared.

Nowadays, things are vastly different. The kitchen has become a social center of the home–and the kitchen island plays a huge role in that evolution.

For modern homeowners, kitchen islands are a necessity. Not only does an island provide extra food prep space,  storage and an extra sink, it also provides a surface for a home’s guests or family members to sit and socialize.

Islands can be designed to match the rest of your kitchen or have their own unique look. Many homeowners, for instance, want butcherblock on their kitchen island top because they know they’ll be using it to chop fruits and vegetables or perform food prep tasks.

The versatility of the island makes it a key feature of a modern kitchen.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

bell shaped pendant lighting

We cannot overstate the importance of stylish, efficient lighting in a modern kitchen. Your lighting serves multiple purposes, after all. Kitchen lights should be strategically placed so food prep areas are well-lit. They should also provide ambiance and design flair that makes your kitchen welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Statement lighting, like unique pendant lights, can dramatically modernize a kitchen space that is drab or outdated.

Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog on the importance of great kitchen lighting.

Clean, Sleek Cabinetry

kitchen Remodel

Over time, homeowners have moved away from ornate, highly stylized kitchen cabinetry and moved towards minimalist styles that are both sleek and low maintenance. Flat panel cabinetry in muted colors, crisp whites and soft earth tones are especially popular for those seeking a modern flair for their cabinets.

As kitchen styles continue to evolve, Stratton Exteriors strives to stay on top of design trends and developments.

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